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SpringHeart NGO Nepal is Born!

Congratulations SpringHeart NGO Nepal Board of Directors!

We are thrilled to announce that SpringHeart is now officially in Nepal, serving our Mission as SpringHeart NGO Nepal.

Special thanks to Mr. Akash Khadka for his efforts in building a board of directors for a unique Nonprofit with an urgent mission.

At several points in the process of registering SpringHeart Nepal, the application was rejected for wording issues. Board members had to rework the applications, jump on motorcycles and go to find all the seven board members to sign the new documents, and then again to all the relevant government agencies. Very bumpy and dusty motorcycle trips!

It takes lots of paperwork to open an NGO in Nepal! We are very thankful for the tireless efforts of our Board Members, who volunteered their talents and time for this crucial first official step.

We are deeply thankful for you, our supporters, volunteers and donors.

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